The first mention of Coda di Volpe dates back to the second half of the 19th century, when Froio included it among the varieties grown in Campania. Coda di volpe is a white grape variety, typically from Campania, which is widespread only in the region. Present mainly in the province of Benevento, it is grown in all provinces of Campania, where it is among the recommended varieties. Foxtail, takes its name from the typical shape of the cluster that resembles the fox’s tail. As a varietal vinified in purity, it gives rise to the single-varietal type of the same name within the Sannio DO wines and in the Taburno, Sant’Agata dei Goti, Solopaca and Guardiolo subzones.

Not a very vigorous vine, it is adapted to short pruning and espalier forms, has low bud fertility and not very constant production. It exhibits some cluster compactness and is sensitive to weather conditions at flowering. Resistant fairly well to Botrytis, less so to downy mildew. It adapts to different types of grafting. The time of ripening is on average around the first half of October. The sugar level at harvest is quite high, while the total acidity is quite low.

The sensory profile of wine made from Coda di Volpe grapes, shows a straw-yellow color with golden highlights. The aroma is pleasant, dominated by fruity notes of pear, floral notes of yellow flowers and mineral hints. On the palate, it is a savory wine with sufficiently fresh acidity, which goes well with pasta or rice dishes in white sauce or with vegetables, as well as vegetable soups, white meats (chicken), and cheeses that are not very mature.