Sciascinoso according to some historians describes a same variety that takes on several other synonyms such as Sanginosa, Olivella grande or Olivellone. From a morphological and genetic comparison it seems that Sciascinoso and Olivella are different, and that there are many other different varieties that have olive-shaped berries and for this reason they are all named Olivella. Sciascinoso is widespread and cultivated only in Campania. In the province of Benevento it is the basic grape variety for the production of Sannio Sciascinoso DOC wine.

It is a very vigorous vine but with very low fertility, less than unity. Production is fair because of the consistent weight of the clusters. It shows good adaptation to espalier training, despite its lush development. It is quite susceptible to downy mildew, being one of the earliest budding vines, and to botrytis. Sugar level is not very high, harvest around the end of October, total acidity sustained.

On sensory profile, it is characterized by a vibrant ruby red color with purplish highlights. Intense, floral, persistent, fruity aroma with notes of ripe red fruits, medicinal plants. On the palate it is dry, savory, low in tannins and quite soft. It traditionally accompanies pasta with meat sauce , timbale, meatloaf, white meats and medium-aged cheeses.